Project Description

Customer: Bam Contractors

Location: Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Completion Date: October 2014

Products Supplied: MKIV Litter Bin, Foyle Seat, Up & Down Bicycle Racks, Locker Room Bench , Bespoke Shelving, Bespoke Coat Hooks


While supplying our standard products like the MKIV Litter Bin and the Foyle Seat we were also asked if we could do a fit out of the dressing rooms and other internal rooms within the sports complex. Bespoke Seating , Shelving and Coat Hooks were required with each room having different shapes and dimensions. Once price was negotiated on the job we began measuring each room and designing products that would not only fit in with the interior of the sports complex but also complement the street furniture we would be supplying on the exterior.

Time was key on this job as the fit out needed to be completed urgently for the hand over date. Larkin Engineering's skilled teams of designers, fabricators and installers were able to complete the entire job within a 4 week period much to the delight of the client.

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