Larkin Engineering Quality Policy

It is the Policy of Larkin Engineering to provide a quality service to all our customers, while at the same time protecting the environment. We do this through enabling all our staff to give an excellent, personalised service to our clients.

Larkin Engineering will undertake to conduct its business in a manner which will endeavour to protect the environment, the health and safety of its employees and to continuously improve the quality of products and services to its customers. The company operates an Integrated Management System.

Larkin Engineering is committed to :

  • The documentation, implementation and maintenance of the Environmental and Quality Management systems pertinent to the organisation.
  • The prevention of pollution and continual improvements in our environmental performance.
  • The prevention of injury and ill health to Larkin Engineering staff and customers.
  • Understanding and meeting the changing needs of our customers, staff and other interested parties.
  • Providing a framework for setting, achieving and reviewing the Quality, Environmental objectives and targets of the organisation through its Quality, and Environmental Management Programmes.
  • The continual assessment of the management systems in relation to its activities, functions, products and services to improve its effectiveness.
  • Complying with the relevant EU and Irish legislative requirements and other requirements pertinent to the environment, health and safety and customer products for which the organisation is responsible.
  • Providing appropriate training and continual communication to all personnel in the organisation specifically in relation to their individual H&S obligations, their role in the prevention of pollution and improvement of environmental performance and their role in the quality and performance of customer products.
  • Encouragement of staff, clients and suppliers to develop methods that promote environmental protection and minimise environmental effects.
  • Reviewing the policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.
  • The provision and availability of this policy to all staff, the public and other interested parties as required.

The Managing Director and all senior Management and Supervisory staff are committed to playing an active role in the implementation of the Environmental and quality Policy and undertake to review and revise it for continuing suitability.