Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy of Larkin engineering Co. Ltd. is to balance the need to achieve its business aims with the need to protect the environment. The guiding principles of this policy are:

  • Ensure continued compliance with all Irish and EU legislative requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes which relate to our environmental aspects.
  • Continually assess and improve activities with the specific goal of preventing pollution, minimising and reducing environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that the Environmental Policy objectives and targets have equality with other business interests.
  • Maintain a programme of Environmental awareness training so that employees may be made aware of the environmental aspects associated with their activities and the ways in which to improve environmental performance.
  • Communicate the Environmental Policy to employees, suppliers, visitors and all other interested parties.
  • Ensure that its employees have the knowledge, resources and authority to implement these guiding principles.
  • Commitment to this policy involves almost every aspect of the company’s business and its employees and resources shall be made available to implement this.


The objectives of this policy are achieved through the implementation of the environmental management system documented in the Environmental Manual.
The Environmental Objectives and associated targets are established and reviewed within each management review meeting, and are communicated and understood by all levels of our organisation for their continuing suitability and effectiveness in achieving the aims of this Environmental Policy.
The Managing Director and all senior Management and Supervisory staff are committed to playing an active role in the implementation of the Environmental and Quality Policy and undertake to review and revise it in light of experience and developments.
The policy is communicated to all employees’ and is available to the public.